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One Point English May Quiz

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In the middle of June, Taisei has the school festival, Orinsai. There are performances, displays and shops selling snacks. The students enjoy the festival very much.


Complete this sentence.

_____ the way to school, he bought a sandwich for lunch.

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In the middle of May, third year Taisei Junior High School students travel to Okinawa for their school trip. They learn about the history of Okinawa, visit many interesting places and go shopping during their two night, three day trip.


If you are shopping and want to pay by credit card, what is the best way to ask the shop staff?

Do you ______ credit card?.

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Taisei was founded (創立する) in 1903. Each year in May, Taisei celebrates the anniversary of the school's opening. There is a short ceremony and an interesting performance. Previous performances have included a musical, rakugo, an acapella chorus and taiko.


Which word completes this sentence?
Taisei was founded ______ 100 years ago.

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During the year, the Taisei sports teams regularly enter competitions. They try very hard.


Which word completes this conversation?

A: The boys volleyball team played very well. They were concentrating (集中) very hard.
B: Yes. They were all on the _______.

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The Tasei junior and senior high school students have five large tests each year. The students study hard.


Which word completes this sentence?

The tests start _____ Wednesday and finish ____ Friday.

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